Going Home… No, not really! Leaving Home would rather explain it. Sitting at the airport, throwing a sight back to the past two and a half months, I address this letter to all those I got so dear and so thankful for. In order not to offend anybody who is missing or misinterpreted, I don’t give names but let’s think in handy categories.

Chbik’s Club

The most amazing choice I could have taken was this colocation with a Swedish, one Tunisian, two Germans, and lots of former and future roommates. Not only our house’s party of the year, but continuous loving contact, exchange and cooperation on any single level boosted this one-second-spontaneousness to be the best decision ever. I felt safe, home and well-located, had the safest start into this new country and so many rich evenings. Thanks for everything, you’re the best!

Dearest Libyans

For those whom I didn’t tell it yet: anything you think you know about Libya or Libyans, is complete bullshit. Go out, meet Libyans and rethink. Because actually, the Libyans I met here in Tunisia, were just the most generous, the most gentle and the most caring of all. But not only that. They were also outgoing, dancing and life-loving. Most of them, I met at Tuesday’s karaoke in one of the fancier quarters of Tunis in the most „urig“ (old-style, not-in-the-norm) pub without alcohol that I found in the entire country. On the opposite of the trend to adjust and offer chains with bad quality and high prices, this small jewel attracted me every week again to sing, fool around and have the best fun of the week. Two months later, I have at least three Libyan names (Mterra, Mabrouka, still struggling to achieve Maryam), buried a cat called Libya and got three marriage proposals and so many more invitations to Misrata, Tripoli and Benghazi. Friends from all over the globe: It’s time to get in contact, to make up your mind and to give these great hearts a new chance.


Even if it’s hardly possible to imagine someone actually working in Tunisia, I was not only lying on the beach, enjoying life. Fortunately for me, because I would never want to miss this amazing opportunity of working in my second Maghreb country on the list. Even if it’s so great to sit on the beach in November with a long-sleeve shirt, I developed so much during my internship at one of the German political foundations. Located in La Marsa very close to my home, it was an amazing opportunity to work on my French and Arabic, my organization skills during application processes and my intercultural competences combined with a huge research in Libya. Also my colleagues backed my decision to be a dynamic, vibrant and engaging team in which I can surely work further. With a challenging but amiable boss, I learned once again how important good tutorship and challenge is. Hard to say I’m leaving cause it makes me leave all of this value behind as well.


And there are so, so many more who don’t fall into these small categories. All amazing Italians, great Couchsurfers, crazy dancers, friends of friends, and highly fascinating people whom I met made this time to special and valuable. All the beautiful smiles, openness and acceptance that I got from you, warms my heart and makes me believe in one brotherhood of man in which people care and share and love.


So I sit now, reading Machiavelli’s Prince, wrapped in a big, beautiful dark green scarf, wearing a leather folder case and holding a Libyan passport cover in my hand. There I go, ready to stay here forever, ready to indulge into all that initiated here, of what I’m ripped off like a moth from the wall. There I go, ready to come back at any moment. Longing for the Arrival party at La Marsa, for the next hike up into mountains, the next journey to the south and the new hearts to discover.

Thanks to all who made this time feel like a lifetime. To all your effort, openness, inclusion and warmth. I owe you all.

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