We’ve worked a lot on our blog behind the scenes in the last days: After we successfully switched to our own website a few weeks ago, we’re happy to announce that our blog will also be available in English from now on!

Originally we thought of our blog as a way to keep our friends and family back home in Germany up to date on our time abroad. However, especially after “changing countries” for part two of our semesters abroad – Kathi from Morocco to Belgium, Flo from Bolivia to Zambia, or Lotti from Argentina to India, for example – we realized that the friends we made a long the way were not able to follow us abroad in this way. Since most of the people we met in Tunisia, Korea, or Mexico don’t speak German, we decided to add an Englisch language option to our website (also keeping in mind that English is the most used language on the Internet).

However, since it’s a lot of work to manually translate the over 60 articles that we’ve published so far, we’re probably only going to pick a select few for right now. Still, as time goes on you should be able to access more and more posts in English! You’ll find all of them collected under “Posts in English” in the menu bar, where you will also be able to switch languages in the appropriate menu.

We’d like to point out that German will continue to be the main language of our blog – after all, it’s our native language (which is also why we’d like to ask for your consideration, should there be some minor language mistakes in our English writing). This being said, enjoy browsing our blog! We’re also very thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received so far. Merci beaucoup!

We also have an exciting “feature” coming up next Month about our internships at five German diplomatic representations on three continents, as well as a German foundation on a fourth. Stay tuned!

Cover photo by Daily Mail

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