Who exactly is writing these articles, these words and insights into other countries, cultures and languages?

We – that would be Kathi, Flo, Lotti, Janette, Philip, and Malin – are international relations students from Regensburg in Bavaria. Part of our study program are two mandatory semesters abroad, one at a university and the other an internship at a company or organization. The only prerequisites: outside of Germany and for the most part in a foreign language.

The process that all six of us went through to in the end take our flights to Bolivia, South Korea, Argentina or Morocco was lengthy and tough, at times exhausting and exciting, a rollercoaster ride of emotions and a quandary between leaving and staying.

But now we have arrived at our respective destinations and are ready to settle in and write about what we are experiencing.

Our articles are subjective impressions, personal stories, and individual experiences with no claim to objectivity. Please keep this in mind and be kind with us, as we ourselves are still in a process of exploration and don’t immediately understand every cause or connection.